Engagement Process

At Global Wave Group, we adhere to fundamental project management principles throughout the implementation of our technology. Our engagements succeed with complete visibility and open communication into all aspects of the project. We bring our expertise and consultative opinion to bear on all facets of your project.

Different banks have vastly different needs. That’s why our customer implementations range from “vanilla” on-demand installations which require virtually no effort on your part to full-fledged, on-site implementations, which require a substantial degree of careful project scoping, collaboration with your team and user acceptance testing.

For a typical on-site implementation, we will:

  • Develop a complete project plan – activities, tasks, resources, etc.
  • Develop milestones within the plan with your team’s buy-in and approval.
  • Initiate the requirements (discovery) process, which requires your team’s subject matter experts
  • Document all requirements and provide requirements traceability.
  • Create a complete gap analysis and specifications document for your review, to illustrate any gaps between your requirements and what our software has natively. (Note: This critical step allows our consultants to appropriately size the full work effort. This detailed approach also helps you distinguish those features or reports that will deliver maximum ROI from those that are “nice to have”.)
  • Update the project plan to include configuration and/or customization tasks.
  • Create a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment and a Production environment.
  • Start the physical installation of the Credit Track core software.
  • Migrate any configuration changes or customizations to your server for UAT.
  • After you sign off on the application customizations and configuration testing, we start the data mapping process to import your data into the Credit Track database.
  • Once all UAT has been completed, we migrate all users to “Production”. At the same time, we conduct training while preparing to go live on Production.
  • Determine a weekend to cut over to Production with the seed data.
  • During Production release weekend (and other critical times) our staff is on-site to help with any technical or user related matters.